Another family vacation in the books. Who would have thought vacation would be so exhausting? #contradictingtween #drivedrivedrive #siblingrivalry #waspstings #letsjustgohome #meandad #wearenotperfecteither #familytime

Played Mario 64 with this giant N64 controller today at the Halifax, Nova Scotia Discovery Centre. The featured exhibit, Game Changers, included a large NES and GameBoy controller too!

Vacation is always an interesting time for my iCloud Photo library as it deals with photos being added from my iPhone and MacBook, and their mediocre internet connections. It seems like the photo I always want is never on the device I am using at the moment.

I have had the 13” 2018 MacBook Pro for a week and it has been amazing. I am constantly grabbing it for all sorts of tasks because it is lightweight and has a hardware keyboard. An odd side effect of this is it makes me want an iPad Pro with a hardware keyboard more than ever.

Seemed peaceful until Cam hung his feet over the end and was stung about six times by some yellow jackets. 🐝

Unintentionally wore my new Hypercritical shirt for the first time on the day I am finishing the final episode. I know I am 5 1/2 years behind but it was worth it. Thanks @siracusa for a fantastic 100 (technically 98) episodes. #followuporiginstory

The iPhone X Unleash Ad and its reference to the Bionic chip makes me think the iPhone X going forward will be referred to by the name of the A series chip in the device. So no there won’t be an iPhone XI.

Replacing my 2011 13” MacBook Pro with the new 2018 version. Unbelievable how much smaller they were able to make it in just 7 years.