Every time I fill up my car I log it in an app. The hardest part about this is remembering the odometer reading after having to enter my billing zip code. #allthenumbers

Unbelievable that the Tampa Bay Rays won 90 games this year and still finished 7 games behind the #2 AL Wild Card team. Unbalanced year for sure.

It has been a week since iOS 12 and things are going great. The Screen Time features shows that I pick up my devices about 80 times a day and average about 2 hours per day. Have you checked out your Screen Time stats?

Now that we live in the age of 512GB iPhones that support iCloud backup maybe we can get the same thing for 256GB MacBooks.

I was delighted to find the Control Center icons in watchOS 5 can be moved around by tapping the new Edit button at the bottom.

I am okay with Google sunsetting Inbox for Gmail as long as they make it easier to snooze a message. Right now swiping left and right performs the same archive action. Why?!?