A lady at SuperCuts is sitting in the waiting area playing music on her phone pretty loudly. I am tempted to start playing music on my phone too just to mess with her.

Started Father’s day in the yoga studio. First Sunday morning class in a while. @mysuraci always keeps us on our toes. #nopunintended #vinyasa #virabhadrasana3 #bestfootforward

Camden was a last minute addition to the all star team. He didn’t want to do it, but they needed one more. I should have listened to him because not only did he miss a fly ball that let the other team win but Kaleb busted his wrist playing near the field.

Paving and package update: UPS delivery person walked down the closed street to deliver the package. The Phantom 4 is back home again!

Excited about our street being paved, but wishing the road wasn’t closed on a day when I need to sign for a package.

UIKit for the Mac is exciting and leaves a lot to be unpacked. Will these apps appear differently in the Mac App Store and have different limitations? Maybe one purchase gets both iOS and macOS versions? Will it make iOS support of menus and windowing a possibility?

I really enjoyed the Apple WWDC event yesterday. The new Shortcuts app is interesting and I am excited to see some performance improvements on my iPhone 6S. Sad that my 2011 MacBook Pro will miss out on Mojave, but the 2012 Mac Mini is still in the game!