I liked all of the announcements from Apple the other day. I will be upgrading my iPhone 6S to the iPhone XS, but not sure which color. The iPhone XR looks really compelling and I can’t wait to see it in person. Seems a little big for me though.

Work MacBook Pro update: Tried to restore to the version of macOS that shipped with it and while erasing the SSD it had a kernel panic and now the SSD is in a really bad state.

A few years ago I volunteered to create a website for my softball league and it has been a great experience adding features and fixing issues. Today I finally posted the source code publicly to a Github repository Sportball Webapp

Work MacBook Pro Update: Kernel panicked three times this morning. I struggled to get a clean 10.13.6 install to complete, but now get to start from scratch. I’m tired of wasting so much time, but I know it isn’t a hardware issue.

Work MacBook Pro Update: After failed attempts to reinstall macOS High Sierra, I was able to run a 10.13.6 installer and my kernel panic/Java compile issue appears to be resolved. I guess this means the original 10.13.6 upgrade was the issue?!?

My left AirPod was running at about 25% volume, so I figured I would have to get a new one, but a quick chat with Apple Support quickly fixed the issue. Turns out you need to use a combination of cotton swabs and a soft bristle brush. Voila!

Excited about the September Apple Events because:

  • I am getting a new iPhone this year
  • The idea of a bezel-less iPad Pro is intriguing
  • New watches?!?
  • A second pair of AirPods for work would be convenient

I think MacBook line clarity will come in October.

I was sitting in on a demo today of Feature A and all of a sudden it devolved into a review of my entire new user interface. Just when I thought it was over my boss decided we needed to look at another part of the interface and it only got worse. Ugh!

For 7 years I tried to convince my boss to let me use a Mac, that day finally came this year. Fast forward 3 months and I finally adjusted my brain to use macOS for work and now I get kernel panics and can’t successfully build our Java application. Back to Windows for now :-(

Another weekend of camping is complete! The rain on Friday night and Saturday evening made it a little less than ideal, but the tent stayed mostly dry. I am still on the fence about camping, it still seems like a lot of hassle and work just to get a few hours of campfire bliss.