Geeking out with my new Raspberry Pi that will be a dedicated server for some HomeKit experimentation. Really need to start polishing my Unix skills.

iOS Tip: If doing an iCloud backup restore you can get some idea about the progress of it by going to the iCloud Backup settings page. It will tell you when it isn’t done and may show you what it is currently restoring.

Micro Monday: @becky an independent iOS developer with posts about designing and releasing the app Snapthread. Great to see behind the scenes of an app.

Weird HomePod-dity this morning. If I asked for a song in my library it would say it was playing but wouldn’t, but if I asked for a song not in my library it worked as expected. Unplugging and plugging it backed in fixed the issue.

I often wonder what the Workflows team is up to at Apple. Potential feature ideas: iOS on device IFTTT integrated with system level events, Siri intents for calling a Workflow, and HomeKit scene workflows.

If Apple adds cursor support to iOS to create an iBook it would certainly make running iOS apps on a Mac easier/possible. It makes me wonder it is related the recent news about Apple “combining” iOS and Mac in this Bloomberg article

HomePod lets you shut off explicit music, something the Echo can’t do. It seems like an important feature for a family shared device.

HomePod first impressions: 1. It sounds great to me. 2. Siri had trouble finding some of my music 3. Alexa will remain in the kitchen for now as a backup. 4. Natively controlling HomeKit and can play Apple Music is as great as expected.


Sitting down and doing some planning for new episodes of the Kilobyte podcast. I want to shorten it up and try several different concepts. Don’t worry the Bon Jovi album review is still in the queue!

The simple task of upgrading my Mac Mini to use a new 4TB drive for back up has resulted in an all weekend restore of the machine. All topped off with this iCloud Drive awesomeness. Pretty sure it isn’t actually uploading 6GB of data just verifying it.