Took advantage of this warm winter day (in the 40’s) to fly not one, not two, but three different drones. First time flying FPV (first person view) for quite a while and I forgot how much I love it. Now I just need this snow to melt so I can get back into some freestyle flying.

I started the month will 12 straight days of yoga and just missed three in a row because of traveling. 🧘‍♂️

Gruber’s response to this perfectly captures how I feel regarding the recent letter to Apple about kids and devices.

more granular parental controls in iOS are no substitute for being a good, involved parent.

Starting 2018 off right.

To ring in 2018, I earned this award by closing all three rings for seven days in a row. #AppleWatch #CloseYourRings

It seems that we have hit the bottom of this cold wave at -5. By Friday morning it is supposed to be 57 degrees warmer than right now. #survivedthecold

You know it has been cold for a while when the temperature drops below zero and nobody posts a photo of their car thermometer. #coldspell